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The Slayers Of Depression

I guess I miss her face most of all... she had a face which looked best without clothes. Seems her boss felt the same too. She left me for him 9 months ago, and I have been depressed ever since.

10 Boredom Killers While Traveling on Vacation Across Country in a Vehicle

Millions of people plan, save for and expend millions to travel to the Mecca of Happiness: Amusement Park Paradise. The Promised Land looms in the far distance from the Midwest. The car is not magic, happy or roomy. Many pilgrims have lost their nerve just thinking of the trip home. 10 ways to kill boredom on the way to vacation destinations by vehicle are simple and fun from the least to the most invasive interventions.

The Different Types Of Humor

They say that laughter is the best medicine and a pick up line that's overly inspired by humor may earn you a date provided the person to who it's directed has a sense of humor. Making people laugh is serious business and if you doubt it, you should ask any professional comedian. Humor has evolved over time and you can now get a daily dose of laughter through social media.

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